​​Once you have posted a project and it is accepted by a selected freelancer to work out, It becomes WorkfromHome's job to get it done within specified time-frame. This time frame may vary depending upon the length and size of the Project.

WorkfromHome recruits freelancers only after multi-level checks. Thus we have a large pool of physically verified freelancers. Before selecting a freelancer you can browse freelancer profiles, chat in real-time, compare proposals and select the best one, award your project and your freelancer goes to work.

With WorkfromHome you pay safely using our Verified Payment System - release payments according to a schedule of goals you set, or pay only upon completion. You are in control, so you get to make the decisions. Your remains safe in our hands until quality project completion.



Dirty office politics create stress and distractions. You are safe at home and sealed off in your own environment which you have barricaded from any possible interruptions.

By working at home you save on many hidden costs associated with going to work like: office setup, business traveling, formal offices dresses etc. Fewer expenses, more earning.

When you work from home have an easier time eating healthier and having more time to spend with your family. It can help you feel less stressed, happier and more predictive.

With the work discipline, you are free to determine your own work hours, environment, lighting, temperature, setting and more importantly work in the framework that suits you best.

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is you are the key person who will manage when you work and when you have personal time. If your mornings are too busy, you are free to work at night.